Greengo wins prices at the Jack Herer Cup 2019

Last week, the first Dutch performance of the Jack Herer Cup was on the program in the Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam. Greengo’s ECO Roling Tray was awarded in the “Best Product” category. The roulade made from recycled plastic won the 2nd prize.

Like all other Greengo products, Mother Nature is also central to Greengo’s ECO Rolling Tray. The plastic used to produce these rolling trays (plastic) is completely recycled. As a result, no new oil has to be extracted to convert this plastic into the ECO Rolling Tray from Greengo. Instead, plastic boxes are used where coffee shops can package their weed.

Greengo also uses this technique to make its ECO Grinders. Yet it was not these grinders, but the plastic turntables that won 2nd place in the Jack Herer Cup “Best Product” category. The ECO Rolling Tray from Greengo is a handy turning aid. With the help of this tray you will no longer suffer from tobacco / herbs on your desk or table, you always have a handy holder to put your long rolling paper in and you are also doing good for the environment!