98/26 mm Cones 900-pack

These Greengo cones are the ’98 size, which is slightly larger than 1 ¼, but smaller than King Size. They are packed in a bulk pack of 900 cones. The unbleached pre-rolled cones include regular-size tips and have enough space to be filled with your favorite herbs. The unbleached rolling paper contains the well-known Greengo watermark, which not only reminds you that you have high-quality cones but also ensures slow and even combustion. Completely in line with Greengo’s vision, they are completely natural and contain no harmful additives or chemicals. You can taste this pure and natural taste the moment you light your just-filled cone.

Greengo’s unbleached cones have a length of 98 mm, which makes them slightly smaller than the popular King Size format. Ideal for people who cannot or do not want to roll. All you have to do is fill the cone with your favorite spice mix. Then it’s just a matter of lighting it and enjoying a pure smoking experience. This package contains 900 cones per box!


  • Cone length: 98 mm
  • Filter tip length: 26 mm
  • Paper weight: 14 gr/m²
  • Number of cones per package: 900 pieces