How to pack a Cone: The Right Way

Hey there, rolling enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, filling a cone can be a smooth and satisfying process. Today, we’re going to walk you through the steps to fill your Greengo king size cones like a champ. Let’s get rolling!

What You’ll Need

Before we start, make sure you’ve got the essentials:

  • Greengo King Size Cones (with included cone filling tool)
  • High-quality herb
  • A grinder to break down your herb
  • Optional cone-filling machine for those who prefer a quicker method

Step-by-Step Guide to Filling a Cone

Step 1: Grind Your Herb

First things first—grab your grinder and break down your herb into a fine, even consistency. This ensures a smooth and even burn for your pre-rolls. Make sure not to over-grind, as you still want it to have some texture.

Step 2: Prepare Your Cone

Take one of your Greengo king size cones out of the pack. These eco-friendly bad boys come with a handy cone filling tool to make your life easier. Gently tap the cone to ensure it’s open and ready to be filled.

Step 3: Fill the Cone Manually

Option 1: By Hand

  1. Add Small Amounts: Pinch a small amount of ground herb and gently place it into the cone.
  2. Pack Lightly: Use the included tool to lightly tamp down the herb. Don’t pack it too tightly; you want to maintain good airflow.
  3. Repeat: Continue adding and tamping down the herb until the cone is filled to your desired level.
  4. Twist to Finish: Once filled, twist the open end of the cone to secure the contents.

Option 2: Using a Cone-Filling Machine

  1. Set Up the Machine: Place your cone into the designated slot.
  2. Load the Herb: Pour the ground herb into the machine’s funnel.
  3. Activate: Follow the machine’s instructions to evenly distribute the herb into the cone.
  4. Final Touch: Just like with hand-filling, twist the end to keep everything in place.

Benefits of Using Greengo Cones

Here at Greengo, we believe in sustainability without compromising on quality. Our king size cones are made from unbleached, eco-friendly paper that burns smoothly. Plus, every pack comes with a handy cone filling tool to make your life easier.

Why Greengo?

  • 🌍 Eco-Friendly: Our cones are 100% natural and unbleached, ensuring a clean and pure experience.
  • 💚 Convenient: The included filling tool makes the process quick and easy, whether you’re a newbie or a connoisseur.
  • 🎉 Community: Join a growing community of like-minded enthusiasts who value quality and sustainability.


Filling a cone doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Greengo king size cones and the right tools, you can achieve perfectly packed pre-rolls every time. Ready to elevate your rolling game? Grab a pack of Greengo cones today and share your experience with us online! 🌱✨

Happy rolling!