1 1/4 Spanish Rolling Papers

The Greengo 1 ¼ papers are just a bit longer than cigarette rolling papers and very popular in Spain and The United States. This Tower display with 100 packs of 1 ¼ papers is developed especially for sales in Spain.

As you expect from Greengo, the rolling papers are 100% natural and unbleached. The packaging is made of FSC-approved paper. The adhesive edge is made of 100% Arabic gum, the best and most natural way to lick-and-stick your rolling papers.
All this ensured that this product won an award at the prestigious European Product Awards 2011!


  • Dimensions of rolling papers: 78 x 44 mm (1 1/4)
  • Thickness of rolling papers: 14 gr/m2
  • Number of packs per display: 100
  • Number of papers per pack: 50

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