King Size Slim Rolling Papers Hemp

Greengo introduces two new sustainable alternatives to the usual rolling paper, namely bamboo and hemp. This way you can let your customer decide which one they would prefer. No matter what they choose; it is guaranteed to be a sustainable choice.

Why Hemp?

The hemp rolling papers have the quality mark of 100% certified organic hemp. This means that all rolling papers come from European-certified hemp. No chemical pesticides have been used in the cultivation. Hemp is one of the fastest-growing crops in the world; it grows twice as fast as cotton. After it is planted, it only takes 3 to 4 months before the plant is fully grown and can be harvested. In some areas, the crop can therefore be harvested several times a year. The plant is also able to grow on all kinds of different soils, because the roots of the plant go very deep, so they can easily reach water. These properties make the plant very easy to grow. Hemp also stores an extremely large amount of CO2. The paper is 14 grams/m² thick and has an FSC certification. Each display contains 50 booklets and a mastercase contains 22 displays. The packaging has a different green color than the Greengo packaging and has a seedling on the packaging in which you can recognize the rolling paper.


  • Size: King Size Slim
  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 44 mm
  • Thickness paper: 14 gr/m²
  • Material: FSC-certified hemp unbleached
  • Number of papers per booklet: 33 leaves
  • Contents: 1 display of 50 booklets