King Size Slim Rolling Papers Bamboo

Greengo introduces two new sustainable alternatives to the usual rolling paper, namely bamboo and hemp. This way you can give your customer the choice of which one to choose. No matter what they decide; it is definitely going to be a sustainable choice.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo grows very fast. As a result, the yield is a lot higher than with other plant materials. This rapid growth is then further promoted because the plant remains standing after harvest. In addition, no pesticides are needed to combat insects and viruses. Bamboo contains a substance that makes them naturally resistant to pests and fungi. Useful. Finally, bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide and produces about 30 to 35 percent more oxygen than other trees. And that in turn has a positive effect on the climate. That is why Bamboo is very sustainable. The bamboo packaging can be recognized by the brown color and the bamboo sprouts on the packaging. The paper is 14 gr/m² thick and has an FSC certification. The other item numbers are merchandise items also made of bamboo and, among other things, recycled plastic for promotion.

Specifications of Display Greengo KSS Bamboo

  • Size: King Size Slim
  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 44 mm
  • Thickness paper: 14 gr/m²
  • Material: FSC-certified bamboo unbleached
  • Number of papers per booklet: 33 leaves
  • Contents: 1 display of 50 booklets