Greengo King Size Extra Slim

Have you already spotted the latest addition to our rolling papers? Especially made for the “creators” with the best rolling skills, that want to burn or tear as little paper as possible when they roll a tight joint.

Not a fan of short stickies or roll-ups? Are you the real “rolling master”? We created the Greengo Extra Slim especially for you! Only the real “rolling” experts can handle the Extra Slim format of this paper. Yes, the rolling experts with the best skills. Of course, the Greengo Extra Slim is also produced from FSC approved pulp. This rolling paper has the ideal thickness of 14 gr / m2 and the package is made of 200 gr / m2 recycled paper. Better for the environment and better for you. Greengo is 100% unbleached, 100% chemical-free and 100% FSC paper.

It’s good to know is that the homemade adhesive edge is made of 100% gum arabic. Of course, the unique Greengo watermark can also be found in the rolling paper to give the best experience. Absolutely the best unbleached rolling paper in the world … now also available in extra slim format.

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