Why did we start Greengo?

Here at Greengo, we choose to see the beauty in this world, but we are aware that current production cycles for our industry can be a weight to nature.

When we started Greengo, we wanted a pure, natural and sustainable alternative compared to other rolling papers. Nothing was available, so we created our own. We developed something that could meet these demands. Greengo rolling papers are the result of our adventure. They allow you to have an environment-friendly and green joint. We want to show you that it is possible to be sustainable in the cannabis industry.

We envision a sustainable future. Everything we do is made under the highest standards with respect to nature and people. Greengo is continuously innovating to shape existing product processes in a sustainable way. We make sure the gathering of our resources respect nature, that transport is done as efficiently as possible and our production keeps improving their

There is only one planet Earth and together we are responsible for taking good care of her. With Greengo, we want to offer you a natural alternative that uses the resources of our planet in a sustainable way. We are there for people who want a green experience, that’s also… quite frankly… a green experience.

Greengo’s rolling papers are unbleached and 100% TFC (Totally Chlorine Free) and made with 100% FSC™ approved paper pulp. Our grinders and rolling trays are made from recycled plastic from The Netherlands. Greengo rolling papers come from nature. Our plastic products respect nature.